Our Mission

Who we are:

Offshore Underwater Navy Tech Nuclear Power is a web publication of Editorial & Advertising Content Services. We are dedicated to developing unique and thoroughly researched editorial content which takes new perspectives on ongoing discussions of clean energy and global prosperity. We aim for three core principles in our publication: Benefit, rigor, and relevance. Benefit: It is our mission to bring ideas, information, and perspectives that are valuable to all readers. Rigor: content provided by Offshore Nuclear, EAContent, or our contributors is held to a high standard of journalistic and academic integrity. Relevance: we aim to bring new and fresh content regularly, addressing current issues and developments.

Advancing unique perspectives on old problems:

Addressing our core principles, our first series (Submarine Nuclear Power and its affiliated articles) asks the question: how can we pursue clean and safe energy without compromising our quality of life, economic development, or other advancements? We found that nuclear power and underwater real-estate could hold the answer, while other clean energy sources like wind and solar are made more efficient. In short; our articles support the investigation of clean, efficient, and abundant energy for the sake of improving quality of life, standard of living, and the health of the planet.

All content is provided without the cost of a subscription through the benefit of our sponsors who support content that is wide-ranging, pertinent, unique and thoroughly researched.